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Blackberry Spy News

Cell Phone Spy Software are coming out in the Market now but who really needs to use it?

Technology has advanced tremendously over the last few years. Tasks that required the use of a supercomputer a few generations ago can now be accomplished on the small handheld device. In fact, there isn’t much you can’t do with a modern smartphone. In fact the type of stuff that we thought only agent 007 could [...]

Turn your phone into A Spy Phone with Cell Phone GPS Tracking and Cell Phone Tappiing Capabilities.

Oct. 12–Sneaky people and technology can turn your cell phone against you. Cell phone spyware makes it easy for someone to eavesdrop on your conversations, intercept text messages and identify your location. And you may never know it’s happening, experts say. “You are so dead,” an electronically altered voice taunted Courtney Kuykendall from her cell [...]

Talking to Your Kids about Sexting is not Easy. There are available software now that has Cell Phone Monitoring and Cell Phone Recording Capabilities for Parental Control.

Every parent concerned for their children’s welfare should know how to talk with their children on the topic of ‘sexting.’ ‘Sexting’ involves the distribution of graphic sexual messages or photos by cell phone. The potential for this activity to affect one’s life negatively is great; when it involves a minor on either end of the [...]

Next Generation will feature cell phone tapping technology and can be used as spy phone.

According to reports, the National Security Agency (NSA) has been busted once again for illegal surveillance. Worse yet, it seems the NSA has moved beyond wiretapping land lines to the wireless phone industry, too. (Source: nytimes) Legal experts suggest that collaboration between the wireless phone industry and the NSA runs far deeper than originally thought. [...]

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Retina-X Studios, LLC, announced today the immediate availability of MobileSpy for RIM BlackBerry devices. Using this groundbreaking BlackBerry technology, users can silently monitor GPS locations, incoming and outgoing text messages (SMS) and call information of children or employees — even if activity logs are erased. Mobile Spy had [...]


spy phone monitoring software

It connects you to the world, but your cell phone could also be giving anyone from your boss to your wife a window into your every move. The same technology that lets you stay in touch on-the-go can now let others tap into your private world — without you ever even suspecting something is awry. [...]

GPS Tracker: Your New Nanny

October 20, 2009

GPS  Phone Tracking Is nOw Your New Nanny. Implement Parental Control through Parental Control Software  in Your Spy Phone;

Anyone with small or active children – or even teens – is aware that it can be a full time job just keeping track of those children. The difficulties mount when you have more than one child. While your two-year-old is exploring the merits of climbing the furniture to reach the cutting utensils, your seven-year-old [...]

Phone Monitoring for Parents Using A Cell Phone Spy Software.

In today’s environment, social media seems to have a strong hold over the actions and mindsets of many adolescents. Often times, teenagers become influenced to behave and speak inappropriately on all different levels, including text messaging. However, with Retina-X Studios, LLC’s new announcement, parents can monitor and restrict their child’s mobile phone activity to ensure [...]


We have just released our newest FlexiSPY Product – FlexiSPY for the Apple iPhone. It’s surely feature rich: once installed on the target Android you can secretly read SMS messages, incoming ing and outgoing E-mail, view all call records and even view OPS data all inside your secure web account You can then carry out powerful searches and view phone locations on a map.

Spy phone iPhonw

The teenage years are full of great learning experiences. Living away from home, becoming independent, making choices and living with the consequences forever….OK who are we kidding??? As a parent, sending your kids off to school can be one of the most gut wrenching, heart breaking, and depressing stages of being a parent. You want [...]